We get many questions here at Deathtouch Playmats and not all of them are related to what we sell!

As much as we would like to answer the deep dark secrets of the universe, we must stick to what we're good at.

Below are some of our more common questions answered. And don’t forget, if there is anything you would like to know but isn’t here please feel free to get in touch via our online contact form.

Do you ship to my country?
We can ship to virtually any address in the world.
Our shopping basket may not always show you a choice, but you can always email for an individual shipping quote.
Note that there are some restrictions on some products, and we may not be able to ship to your destination.

What is the quality of the playmats?
All our mats are now printed on the superior 2mm thick neoprene with a high thread count polyester surface, suitable for computer gaming.

Deathtouch MTG

How long will my mat take to arrive?
We aim to post orders within 5 working days of ordering.
Larger orders are normally posted within 10 working days.

Can I provide my own artwork?
As Deathtouch is a brand we are unable to print custom images. Many images are protected by copyright and would illegal to print.

How do I know what is happening with my order?
With any order placed on deathtouch.co.uk there will be details in your 'account' area. Progress of the order will be marked and any notes / tracking information from us will also be added to the order.

Is cake included in my order?
No. Although cake can be purchased from your local bakery and eaten on your new playmat.